We are


We present ourselves as an open-minded team. We believe in the importance of listening to our customers. Understanding the needs of the project is the best starting point. Knowing where you want to go is the best guide. That is why Mineral Gràfics presents itself as a versatile and dynamic team, adapting our experience and knowledge to the communicative needs of our client.


Mineral Gràfics is a visual design and communication studio. Our desire being to provide satisfactory solutions for both our clients and ourselves. We have plenty of experience to achieve this objective.

We are professionals with experience in the fields of graphic design, editorial design, audiovisual communication, publishing, journalism, writing and translation, event organization and education.This background provides us with a solid, multidisciplinary and contemporary work base.


We live in complex times in which communication requires concrete and flexible strategies. From Mineral Gràfics we try to understand what surrounds us. We consider the capacity of analysis, research and dialogue with the context, to be key elements in the communicative strategy.


Mineral Gràfics is committed to working closely with the customer. We understand that the best meeting point for a business relationship is a direct, flexible and trustworthy human relationship. We are committed to clear, simple and friendly communication.


Times change, especially so in fields such as new technologies, art or design. this changing situation entails challenges and new passions in the communication fields. In Mineral Gràfics we are seduced by the present and what is to come. We understand the need for the singularity that each project needs today, so while we understand the potential of new social networks applied to brand strategies, we also care about crafts and unique handmade products.

Reasonable prices

Ours is not a low cost philosophy, as quality and proximity to the customer are at our base. We offer design and communication in which we value the dialogue with the client without unnecessary extra charges. We are not moved by the luxury, but rather the effectiveness of direct work, without artifices.


In our studio and our private life we are committed to values such as ecological sensitivity or cooperation. We understand ecological respect not only as a differential fact or added value for a brand, but as a responsibility with ourselves, with those around us and with those who will come after us. Given our concern, we will always advise on the most ethical options for each job in this regard.


From Mineral Gràfics we try to consider every small detail. We are concerned about the impact of each action and we try this impact to be always positive. We value social responsibility and cooperation, as we enjoy being involved.